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We believe we can do great things together. Take your business to the next level.

We understand that you’re looking to continue growing your already successful company by expanding internationally. With access to software leaders around the world under the Volaris umbrella, we provide the scale needed to achieve your goals. Plus, our companies are well positioned to grow by sharing resources and best practices. Check out our resources below to learn more about how your company can grow with Volaris.

We understand the signifigance of the decision to sell a business. At Vencora, we aim to work through the sales process with utmost transparency, and to ensure we provide you with all the information you need to understand life at Vencora, should you choose to sell. Based on our conversations on Open GI's goals, we've highlighted select stories and resources, to highlight where we believe we can help your company's long-term growth.

We know that its a top goal of Open GI to grow its market share. With our ownership of SSP, Vencora has a solid footing in the insurtech space within the UK, and the expertise already to easily support taking your business to the next level. Plus, with our strong portfolio of insurance technology companies globally, we provide opportunities to leverage our portfolio's expertise through collaboration, cross-selling and sharing best practices.

Further, with our vast portfolio, we have ample development opportunities for Open GI's leaders and team members to grow their careers, including annual networking conferences such as Activate.

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