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Vencora 2023 Review to Date

Launching in November 2022, Vencora has had an exciting first half of its first full calendar year. Now in the third quarter of 2023, we continue to focus on building out our portfolio and supporting the long-term growth of our businesses.

Thoughts from Vencora’s CEO

Vencora CEO Mike Dufton

Read Vencora CEO Mike Dufton’s letter, as he reflects on the key highlights of the first half of 2023 at Vencora.

Acquisition of Quarzo Technología

Quarzo Technologia logo

This year, Vencora completed the acquisition of Quarzo Tecnología, a leading provider of software solutions for employee associations, savings funds, mutual funds and cooperatives in Central America. Upon its acquisition, it became the fifteenth brand in the Vencora family, and the tenth within our insurance portfolio.

“With the acquisition of Vencora, Quarzo has taken a significant leap into the future. This important milestone in Quarzo's history has provided us with unique opportunities to improve and expand our service offering,” said Mirela Verrelli, CEO of Quarzo. “We have benefited from the implementation of best practices in various areas, which will further strengthen our position in the market and allow our clients to enjoy of more advanced, efficient, and safe solutions.”

Since its acquisition, Vencora provided Quarzo with knowledge, best practices and support in improving operational efficiency and implementing a new cybersecurity platform and other applications.

“The Vencora acquisition has propelled Quarzo into a promising future, full of opportunities to grow and expand in the market. With a clear vision and a focus on excellence, we position ourselves as an undisputed leader in the market, ready to meet tomorrow's challenges with success.”

- Mirella Verrelli, Quarzo CEO

Vencora’s Growing Portfolio

Vencora’s portfolio continues to grow larger, enabling more opportunities for our businesses to collaborate and become Stronger Together. Vencora now sits at 15 brands and growing, 10 of which serve customers within the insurance industry and 5 serving the banking industry.

Vencora's portfolio now has over 1,300 team members operating out of 28 offices worldwide. Together, our businesses provide a variety of solutions to more than 1.800 clients in 70 geographies around the world, including administration software, analytics modules, business process outsourcing, payments and more. With 1,300 team members

Vencora's Brands
Vencora's portfolio of businesses

Learnings & Insights from Vencora's Businesses

Insuresoft Rebrand

Insuresoft has launched with a new brand into the market, including a new website. In order to build a new, refreshed brand, Vencora stepped in and led a brand building process in multiple stages, beginning with leading an information gathering stage to understand how the business is perceived within the market and identifying a brand narrative for Insuresoft and supporting the business craft its story.

Vencora then supported Insuresoft with the development of content and website that aligns to the new brand, along with an integrated marketing strategy across various channels. Finally, Vencora supported Insuresoft with the implementation of new metrics and data analytics for the business to continuously understand the results of its marketing and sales strategy.

Datapro & Vencora

Learn how Datapro, which provides core banking software to clients in Central and South America, has utilized the support and knowledge provided by Vencora in order to learn and apply new best practices and strengthen their business long-term.

Wellington IT's Growth Story

Under Vencora, Wellington IT has implemented a number of various growth drivers which have enabled significant opportunities for the business. Learn more about how Vencora supported Wellington IT with its strategy, pricing, customer partnerships, infrastructure, and more to drive growth.

Activate 2023

Our team is currently planning for our upcoming internal conference Activate, taking place in September 2023. This annual event is an opportunity for leaders across our businesses to share ideas, best practices and learn from each other, in order to become Stronger Together over a week of amazing sessions and activities.

This year’s Activate will bring together 250 team members from across 20 countries to Miami, and will focus on six different streams:

  • Finance: Working as analysts

  • Talent & Leadership: Capitalizing on talent

  • Sales & Marketing: Taking your strategy to the next level

  • Customer Success: Focusing on LTV, ROI & CSM

  • Professional Services: Driving strong results

  • R&D: Investor mindset to maximize automation

These streams will enable our attendees to connect and gain insights from their peers across the businesses so they may take learnings and apply them to their individual functional areas.

Watch our video from Activate 2022 below to learn more about our annual conference.

Our Team is Quickly Growing

Vencora’s team has quickly grown since its launch in November, 2022. We’ve built up a strong corporate development and M&A teams, as well as brought on new members to our leadership team.

Our newest leadership team members:

Vencora at Upcoming Industry Events

Vencora will be attending several insurance and banking industry tradeshows during the remaining months of 2023, including:

Are you planning to attend any of these events? If so, we would love to meet you there! Let us know by filling out the contact form below, so we can set up a meeting with you to share more about Vencora.


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