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Mike Dufton

Mike is the CEO of Vencora and has utilized his experience within the financial services industry to grow the portfolio since its first acquisition. In his role, Mike oversees the growth of the Vencora family, whether through new acquisitions, or supporting its businesses to achieve new growth targets via new initiatives, product development or day-to-day business.

Before joining Vencora, Mike had already built a significant career within the financial services software industry. Prior to Vencora, Mike spent over ten years building out a global portfolio of software companies as a Portfolio Leader at Volaris. Before Volaris, Mike was the President of Majesco Mastek, where he was responsible for the organization’s business in North America, including their Insurance Platforms and IT Services. Prior to that, Mike was the President of IntelliResponse, a leading provider of virtual agent technology solutions to banks and other industries, which was successfully sold to [24], a leading BPO provider based in San Jose, CA. Mike also spent 15 years of his career with SOLCORP, joining as a sales representative and growing to become the CEO of this leading life insurance technology provider.

Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Strategy Officer

Jonathan Denbok

Jonathan leads global corporate development, marketing, and strategy for Vencora. He has over 15 years of corporate development, sales & marketing, and go-to-market experience in the technology space. In this role at Vencora, Jonathan builds and grows new areas of growth, develops leading brands, and mentors high-performing sales and marketing teams.

Prior to joining Vencora, Jonathan held senior positions at Volaris Group, beginning as Chief Marketing Officer, before moving into the role of Chief Revenue Officer, where he was responsible for overall revenue, sales and marketing & go-to-market strategy for dozens of companies.

Chief Financial Officer

Nathan Partington

As CFO, Nathan is responsible for overseeing the financial and risk management aspects of Vencora. He has over 15 years of experience in finance, and has a strong background in strategic planning, risk mitigation, and acquiring and integrating businesses.

Prior to joining Vencora, Nathan held increasingly serious positions within Constellation Software, beginning as its Head of Internal Audit. Since then, he has taken on several leadership roles at Volaris Group, including CFO, Americas for its transit portfolio. Most recently, he served as CFO of a large portfolio, overseeing all aspects of finance, planning and analysis, and risk management.

Portfolio Manager, Banking

Ateet Patel

Ateet oversees all banking and credit union software companies within the Vencora family. He provides leadership expertise for all facets of business operations and works with companies to drive market share, revenue, and growth. In addition, Ateet leads the M&A function for the banking portfolio.

Prior to joining Vencora, Ateet held senior positions at Volaris Group, beginning as VP of Finance, before moving into the role of Portfolio CFO, where he was in charge of the overall consolidation, financial reporting and management reporting of dozens of companies with a focus on operational effectiveness across the portfolio. Prior to Volaris, Ateet worked for Brookfield and Accenture in various senior finance roles.

Portfolio Manager, Insurance

Darren Klauser

As Portfolio Manager, Insurance, Darren oversees all insurance technology companies at Vencora. In his role, he is responsible for managing all business operations within the portfolio, as well as leading acquisitions and integrations of new insuretech companies.

Darren joined Vencora in 2022 with over 30 years of experience in the insurance software industry. Before joining Vencora, he has held numerous C-level positions at leading insuretech firms. Most recently, he served as CEO of Ontellus, where he delivered organic growth and executed a number of successful acquisitions. Prior to that, he was the General Manager of the Americas Division at DXC.

Meet The Team

Corporate Development Director

Haig Yapoudjian

As Director of Corporate Development, Haig oversees corporate development and new business ventures for Vencora's insurance and banking portfolios.

Corporate Development Manager, Insurance

Sam Ghazi

Sam joined Vencora in 2024. As Corporate Development Manager, he supports new business leads within the insurance technology space for Vencora.

Corporate Development Manager, Banking

Gerasimos Tsaraosis

Gerry joined Vencora in 2023 and supports new leads for Vencora's banking portfolio.

Senior Corporate Development Associate

Thomas Wienand

Joining Vencora in 2022, Thomas supports corporate development and new business opportunities in the European region.

Senior Corporate Development Associate

Nicolas Kinche

Nicolas joined Vencora in 2022 and supports new business ventures within the European and Latin America regions for Vencora.

Senior Corporate Development Associate

Sam Torcaso

Sam joined Vencora in 2023 and supports new business ventures within the Middle Eastern and Asia-Pacific regions for Vencora.

Senior Corporate Development Associate

Ezaan Ulhaq

Ezaan joined Vencora in 2023 and supports the insurance portfolio corporate development and M&A teams with acquisitions within North America. Prior to joining Vencora, Ezaan worked as a consultant at a leading financial services software company.

Senior Corporate Development Associate

Tamas Deak

Tamas joined Vencora in 2024 and supports corporate development in North America and the UK. Prior to joining Vencora, he spent 3 years working at a Canadian mid-market sell-side advisory firm.

Corporate Development Associate

John Paul Edgerton

John Paul joined Vencora in 2023 and supports corporate development and new business ventures in the Latin America and Caribbean region. He brings deal experience from prior senior roles held in corporate development and M&A advisory.

Corporate Development Associate

Ali Kutuk

Ali joined Vencora in 2022 and supports new business opportunities for the banking portfolio within the United Kingdom.

Head of M&A

Jamal Yehia

Jamal leads the acquisition process from origination to execution. Jamal joined Vencora from Volaris Group, where he held various senior M&A roles. Prior to Volaris, Jamal spent nearly a decade in capital markets advisory, most notably, at RBC Capital Markets.

M&A Senior Associate

Anuj Samdani

Anuj joined Vencora in 2023 and supports the acquisition process for banking and credit union software companies. Prior to joining Vencora, Anuj worked with the corporate strategy team at Volaris Group for nearly three years.

Marketing Manager

Andrew Sturrock

As Marketing Manager, Andrew oversees the marketing strategy and execution for Vencora's growth in the financial services software space.

COO, Banking

Sue Sampson-Laws

Sue is a heavily experienced finance professional, with a career spanning more than 30 years. She became a COO with Vencora in 2022, and is focused on driving growth for Vencora's banking businesses.

CFO, Banking

Lyn McDonald

Lyn is a results-driven senior accounting and financial management executive with over 15 years of experience. After starting with the company as Finance Manager, she is now CFO, Banking, and leads global finance for the banking group of Vencora.

COO, Insurance Americas

Terry Brown

Originally with Insuresoft for 17 years, including 6 years as President, Terry became a COO with Vencora in 2022, and uses her lengthy experience within the insuretech space to drive market share for multiple Vencora businesses.

COO, Insurance EMEA

Colin Greenhill

Colin oversees Vencora's insurance businesses within the EMEA region. He joined Vencora as CEO of SSP in July 2021, aiming to support the insurance software businesses within the portfolio to improve their business operations and drive revenue growth.

CFO, Insurance North America

Lyndon Koopmans

Lyndon oversees finance for Vencora’s North American Insurance Portfolio and held prior leadership roles at Canadian public companies, most recently as Director of Corporate finance at a major Canadian enterprise software company.

Chief Talent Officer

Angela Bradfield

Angela joined Vencora in 2021 and leads global HR for the insurance market. She has over 20 years of generalist human resources experience.

VP of Marketing, Insurance

Imraan Hassam

Imraan is a seasoned marketing and sales executive with over fifteen years of experience. As VP of Marketing, Imraan drives the development of marketing strategies, growth plans, and playbooks for Vencora's insurance group.


About Vencora

Our vision is to create the most trusted and collaborative financial services ecosystem to protect the financial security of our customers.

Success built on care

We value people. We empower them to grow resilient organizations that prosper over time. 

Jonathan Denbok

Vencora is a family of businesses filled with people passionate about working together and learning from each other in order to transform the financial services industry.  We believe in the power of connectivity and together, we’re looking to create a more secure future for our customers.
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