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Vencora Banking at a Glance

Vencora has five banking technology brands located around the world and is continuing to focus on growing our presence in the financial services and fintech industries, as we aim to increase our offering of impactful solutions for financial institutions globally.

Vencora's Global Scale

Vencora's banking portfolio has over 400 team members across its five businesses. Together, these experts provide solutions to over 900 clients globally, with heavy presence in North America, Latin and South America, and Europe. Our customers include banks, credit unions, savings funds, mutual funds, and employee associations.

The large global scale of our portfolio provides significant benefits to Vencora’s new and existing businesses. These include opportunities to network with and learn from experts across our portfolio at events such as Activate, as well as opportunities to cross-sell with other businesses to drive new growth.

Our Banking Businesses

Vencora’s banking portfolio consists of Wellington IT, Fisa Group, Portfolio+, Datapro, and Quarzo Technologia. Across these five brands, our portfolio provides a variety of integrated solutions and services to financial institutions worldwide.

Timeline of Vencora's Banking acquisitions

You can learn more about Vencora’s banking businesses on the Portfolio Page of the Vencora website.

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