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Vencora Insurance at a Glance

Vencora has a strong presence in the insurance technology industry, with 10 brands located across the globe. Our goal is to continue to expand Vencora's presence in the insurance technology industry and to offer solutions to businesses on a global basis.

Vencora's Global Scale

Vencora's insurance portfolio has over 1,000 team members operating out of 21 offices worldwide. Together, our insurance technology experts serve over 900 clients across more than 45 global regions.

Our customers include insurance carriers, brokers, third party administrators, and managing general agents operating in various markets, including Property and Casualty, Health and Benefits, and Accident, Life and Health.

Vencora enables its new and existing businesses to benefit from the global scale in multiple ways, including opportunities to network with and learn from experts across our portfolio, utilize shared services to consolidate operations, and cross-sell in order to drive new growth.

Our Insurance Businesses

Vencora's insurance portfolio provides a variety of solutions and services to insurance providers worldwide. Across the 9 insurance brands, we support clients with Product & Policy Administration, Claims, Payments, Business Process Outsourcing and more.

You can learn more about Vencora's insurance brands on the Portfolio Page of the Vencora website.


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