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Vencora Welcomes New Insurance Portfolio Manager and Banking COO to Executive Team

Toronto, Ontario – Jan 9th, 2023 – Vencora, a leading Financial Services acquirer and operator, today announced the appointments of Darren Klauser as Portfolio Manager, Insurance (PM) and Sue Sampson-Laws as Chief Operating Officer, Banking (COO).

Darren Klauser is a seasoned executive and has held numerous C-level positions in leading insurance technology firms. At Vencora, he will oversee all global insurance acquisitions, integrations and business strategy. He has served in numerous insurance leadership roles throughout this successful career, including leading Ontellus through its sale to private equity while acting as CEO.

“Darren brings tremendous experience in the insurance space both strategically and operationally, making him the ideal person to lead our insurance portfolio,” said Michael Dufton, CEO of Vencora. “As we look to the future, Darren will play a pivotal role in expanding our presence in the insurance vertical and connecting with exceptional software businesses.”

Klauser recognized Vencora’s presence within the insurance technology industry and strong family of businesses set the portfolio up for continued success.

“Vencora’s specific focus on insurance really excited me about the potential for growth,” said Klauser. “I look forward to helping establish Vencora as a strong portfolio and brand for insurance solutions across the globe and to help add to the great solution sets that we provide.”

Vencora also appointed Sue Sampson-Laws as COO for its banking vertical. As COO, she will support all current and future businesses in Vencora’s banking portfolio in reaching their full potential. Sampson-Laws brings an impressive background in banking, including over 15 years at Temenos, where she served as Executive Vice President, Operations, Americas, as well as 12 years at Credit Suisse and 7 years at RBC.

“I am excited to welcome Sue, who brings deep experience in both banking technology and business operations,” said Ateet Patel, Portfolio Manager, Banking. “Sue’s proven track record in understanding financial institution’s needs and trends in technology will be pivotal in scaling and growing our portfolio of businesses.”

“I am thrilled to be joining the banking leadership team at Vencora during this exciting time in both the industry and company,” said Sampson-Laws. “The opportunity affords me an exciting and rare opportunity to marry my experience in developing, driving and executing strategy for banks with the ability to coach, mentor, and support Vencora’s businesses to ensure we maximize operational efficiency and drive growth.”

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