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Quarzo Technología: One Year Post-Acquisition

Mirela Verrelli is the leader of Quarzo Technología, a leading provider of software solutions for employee associations, savings funds, mutual funds, and cooperatives in Central America. Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, Quarzo was a family-owned business for more than 28 years, before being acquired by Vencora in early 2023.


We spoke with Mirela on Quarzo’s first year since its acquisition by Vencora, including how the company has been strengthened for new growth, and about opportunities to network and share knowledge with our entire portfolio.

Mirela Virrelli, General Manager of Quarzo Technología

Hi Mirela. Quarzo joined Vencora as a strong company operating since 1995. Upon acquisition, what goals did you set to accomplish in your first year? What areas did you look to grow within Quarzo?


After more than 28 years as a family business, I took on the position of General Manager of Quarzo Technologia upon its acquisition by Vencora. The beginning of this new chapter under Vencora was focused on redefining our path to amazing success. We identified three crucial objectives that have become fundamental pillars for the progress and continued success of Quarzo:


  1. Delivering exceptional customer value

  2. Financial oversight

  3. Employee focus and engagement


In this short period, we have made significant progress towards achieving our objectives due to the ongoing guidance and expertise provided by Vencora. In the past year, we have seen greater stability in customer retention, gained a deeper understanding of our finances, and have seen continued improvement in staff engagement.


Can you tell me about your experience at networking and development events held by Vencora? How was the opportunity to meet with other leaders?


Multiple Vencora events in the past year have allowed me and my team to network and learn new best practices. These events give us a window to learn from other companies and allow us to exchange experiences. In doing so, we have been able to discover new, creative ways of operating and solving similar challenges.


Additionally, the energy at these events assures us that we’re part of a great company and that the entire portfolio is working together towards similar goals. At these events, you feel "at home". The environment enables you to feel safe to learn and share, all while having fun with people from around the globe.


What’s fantastic about these opportunities is that we not only share experiences, but our goals for the year, and the way we will reach them. These meetings remind us that we are not alone, that we are a team, and are all stronger together.

How did you find your experience at our large internal conference Activate?


At Activate in Miami, I was able to meet face-to-face and network with many team members around the globe over a fun, action-packed week. During this conference, I received direct guidance on the corporation's expectations, objectives, our identity as a company, our planned growth, and what we seek to achieve.


Additionally, I had the opportunity to learn new techniques that have enriched my perspective and skills. It was a great experience that not only provided substantial knowledge, but also strengthened team bonds and improved the effectiveness of our collaborations.

Vencora team members at Activate 2023

 Has support from Vencora and our portfolio positively impacted any departments or functional areas specifically?


We’ve made notable improvements in sales by establishing a greater strategic focus on growth and profitability. In the past year, we implemented a price adjustment plan, which was highly successful due to the solidity and strength of our client relationships.


In human resources, we have become far greater at providing a strong support to our team members, with improved policies and greater proximity to our staff, adapting effectively to market demands. We also focused our efforts on the field of improving cybersecurity, implementing standards that significantly raised security levels for our clients.


Are there businesses in the Vencora portfolio you’ve worked with closely to become Stronger Together?


We’ve worked very closely with both Wellington IT and Fisa Group to share knowledge and learnings. Active collaboration with both companies has strengthened our capabilities, positioning us more solidly on our path of growth and development.


In the case of Wellington IT, its similarity to us in terms of the line of business we operate in has been highly beneficial. Shared experience has allowed us to address a wide range of areas, from organizational structure to project implementation, and we were able to take advantage of their knowledge to strengthen our own vision.


In the case of Fisa Group, our collaboration has been even more intense. Since they also operate in a similar region and language, we have turned to them on several occasions for workshops. Their experience as a Vencora company for the past five years has been an essential guide for us on this journey.

"Through every step, we have felt supported by the entire Vencora team and having their experience and knowledge has been invaluable to us."


Any final thoughts on your experience with Vencora so far?


We have been part of the Vencora´s family for a year, and it has been a year of many exciting changes. Through every step, we have felt supported by the entire Vencora team and having their experience and knowledge has been invaluable to us. This continued support has been critical to our progress and provides us with confidence to take on future challenges and opportunities. Knowing that we can turn to experts who have walked similar paths gives us the security in knowing we can continue to drive great growth and meet our customers’ needs.


New companies joining the portfolio can be assured that they will feel greatly supported by Vencora’s team in order to drive greater long-term growth.


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