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Vencora Grows Presence in Latin America with Acquisition of SERIVA Inc.

TORONTO, ON, MARCH 5, 2024 – Vencora today announced that it has acquired SERIVA Inc. (“SERIVA”), through one of Vencora’s companies, Fisa Group.

Founded in 2001, SERIVA provides end-to-end treasury management software for financial institutions in Latin America. Its signature platform,, is an integrated software solution focused on the administration of treasury, investment, foreign exchange and financial derivatives products. The company is headquartered in Quito, Ecuador.

“Wishing a very warm welcome to SERIVA and its team to Vencora,” said Ateet Patel, Banking Portfolio Manager at Vencora. “SERIVA boosts Vencora’s presence within Latin America and greatly complements our portfolio’s existing banking solutions within the region. We look forward to supporting and propelling the company’s long-term growth.”

“We’re excited to welcome SERIVA to Fisa Group,” said Fisa Group’s CEO, Kenshi Banderas. “We’re pleased to incorporate a robust and leading treasury management solution to our offerings, which further strengthens our product portfolio and our ability to support our clients’ growth.”

“We look forward to SERIVA being a part of Vencora’s banking portfolio, and to be able to leverage their expertise and best practices,” said Ignacio Pérez, CEO of SERIVA. “Vencora and Fisa Group already have a strong presence within Latin America’s banking industry, and we look forward to new potential growth opportunities.”

At Vencora, we believe our companies become Stronger Together. This acquisition further strengthens Vencora’s position within the Central and South American regions, as well as the financial services technology market.

About Vencora

At Vencora, we build legends and preserve legacies. Vencora provides new acquisitions with business opportunities and the resources to pursue them. We are focused on bringing together a strong family of financial services software businesses to grow and continue serving the best interests of their customers and employees.

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About Fisa Group

Founded in 1995, Fisa Group is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for the financial services industry in Latin America. Since its founding, Fisa Group has carried out over 200 projects with banks, financial institutions, and retail clients across 9 countries, implementing and supporting critical mission software such as Core Banking Systems, Omnichannel platforms and Credit Card Software. Fisa Group’s solutions boost banks and financial institutions growth and improve their productivity and accountability.

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SERIVA is focused on providing comprehensive treasury business solutions, with particular attention to supporting solid and appropriate risk management. As a provider of comprehensive solutions, SERIVA’s objective is to satisfy the specific needs of each of its clients, through personalization of solutions and continuous improvement of its products and services.


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