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Vencora Welcomes New CFO to Executive Team

Portrait of Nathan Partington

TORONTO, ONTARIO, JULY 1, 2023 – Vencora, a leading Financial Services acquirer and operator, today announced the appointment of Nathan Partington as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

In this new role, Nathan will be responsible for overseeing the financial and risk management aspects of Vencora, as well as enhancing the company's leadership capabilities. Nathan brings with him a wealth of experience in finance, strategic planning, risk mitigation, and acquiring and integrating businesses, making him well-equipped to contribute to Vencora’s growth and success.

Nathan has held a number of increasingly senior positions throughout his 15 years with Constellation Software. Most recently, he was the CFO for a large portfolio of companies within Volaris, where he oversaw the finance, planning and analysis, and risk management functions, as well as supported large and complex transactions, including taking a large software conglomerate private.

Previously, Nathan was the CFO, Americas at Volaris’ Transportation vertical. While in this role, he was instrumental in the portfolio’s expansion into Central and South America, through new acquisitions and integration.

“I am very excited to dive deeper into the financial services ecosystem and use my experience to provide meaningful contributions to the organization,” said Nathan. “I think Vencora has amazing prospects for operational excellence and growth, and I’m quite fortunate to join a phenomenal team at this stage.”


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