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2023 Highlights to Date from Vencora CEO, Mike Dufton

Vencora CEO Mike Dufton

Having launched in November 2022, Vencora entered 2023 with a great deal of opportunity and excitement to develop and grow its brand within the financial services technology market, while continuing to support its businesses in achieving strong growth.

We kicked off 2023 with the announcement of the completion of our acquisition of Quarzo Tecnología, Vencora’s fifth acquisition within our banking portfolio. Quarzo is a leading provider of software solutions for employee associations, savings funds, mutual funds, and cooperatives in Central America. With the acquisition of Quarzo, Vencora now has 15 brands under its portfolio.

At the start of the year, Vencora announced the addition of two new leadership members to further strengthen our presence and depth of understanding of the financial services market. Darren Klauser joined Vencora as Portfolio Manager, Insurance, to focus on insurance acquisitions, integrations, and business strategy. Sue Sampson-Laws joined as COO, Banking Operations, to support the growth of our global operations for our banking businesses. In July, we announced the addition of Nathan Partington as Vencora’s first CFO. I have enjoyed working with all three of our new leadership team members and we have already begun to see the impacts of their vision and hard work.

Our team has been present at several events globally this year. Vencora’s insurance team members attended both ITC Europe in Barcelona and ITC Asia in Singapore, to gain insights on the latest Insurtech trends and innovations, as well as talk to leaders from across the insurance industry. Coming up this fall, our insurance team will also be attending Insurtech North in Montreal, as well as ITC Vegas, to continue connecting with insurance leaders globally.

Meanwhile, this past June, Vencora’s banking team joined Portfolio+ in attending the Open Banking Expo in Toronto, where they participated in discussions on how open banking and other innovations are impacting financial institutions both within Canada and around the world. The banking team will also be attending Sibos 2023 in Toronto this September, to continue to network and engage with leaders in the finance industry.

Looking ahead to September, Vencora will engage with its global leadership event Activate, an annual week-long conference that brings together 250 leaders from across our portfolio of companies to share ideas, best practices and learn from each other. This year’s event will take place in Miami and will have six streams, in which our team members from over 20 countries will engage and collaborate with functional counterparts and be able to return to their businesses with new ideas and strategies to achieve greatness.

Vencora has grown to a business with over 1300 team members serving 1800 customers within the banking and insurance industries globally, and our focus is continuing to capitalize on the tremendous success we’ve already seen and continue to support the ongoing growth of our portfolio of businesses.

I am incredibly excited for what’s to come for Vencora, both in the remaining months of 2023 and beyond.

Mike Dufton

CEO, Vencora


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